Friday, 3 June 2016


Library music is strange, isn't it? It gets made on a speculative basis, then is sent out into the world with a note attached to it reading 'do what you like with me' - and it doesn't care who or how many people use it. Little wonder then that interest and amusement can be derived from hearing familiar music in an unfamiliar setting, like here in the 1973 cheapo Fiipino action adventure film Beyond Atlantis, in which a fight to the death between two attractive women is scored by the soundtrack to ITV's News At Ten (minus the chimes of Big Ben).

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  1. Im desperate to find out the title of a fil I saw on dodgy VHS in the eighties.. South American, I think, sort of Island of Dr Moreau feel, a character I think was a Bat-man.. Anyway climactic scene was scored with the Mastermind theme. At the time I knew nothing about library music, so was very confused...