Tuesday, 7 March 2017


THE FINAL COMEDOWN, d. Oscar Williams (1972) 

'350 years ago, I was bitter; now I'm violent. VIOLENT!'

The Final Comedown only cost $25,000 to make, much of which was provided by exploitation genius and counter culture casher inner Roger Corman. What it lacks in frills, however, it makes up for in rage. It's an incredibly angry film, that both begins and ends in a bloody shootout between Black Panthers and Police with the remainder of the content provided via a series of flashbacks from the seriously wounded leader of the activists, the extremely watchable Billy Dee Williams.

Arty in execution, incendiary in intent, the film struggles to remain quite as interesting when pigs aren't being offed, but these violent sequences, nihilistic and full of spurting red paint, speak volumes, not least about the limited options available to black people when facing a heavily armed and highly oppressive fascist regime. I don't condone armed insurrection...actually, you know what? I do. Sometimes the system needs shooting.    

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