Saturday, 1 October 2016


Part Whatever: The 1980s.

On that note, I'm taking the rest of October off to watch British horror films, make some music and learn how to use a Mimeograph. I'll be back.


From Darkman

01.09.16 - 30.09.16

Vertigo, d. Alfred Hitchcock (1958)
The Neon Demon, d. Nicolas Winding Refn (2016)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, d. David Lynch (1992)
City of the Living Dead, d. Lucio Fulci (1980)
The Beyond, d. Lucio Fulci (1981)
The Mummy's Shroud, d. John Gilling (1970)
Villain, d. Michael Tuchner (1971)
Who? d. Jack Gold (1975)
Capricorn One, d. Peter Hyams (1977)
Wiener-Dog, d. Todd Solondz (2016)
The Shallows, d. Jaume Collet-Serra
Figures in a Landscape, d. Dudley Shaw Ashton (1953)
Problems End, d. Derek Phillips (1964)
Rufus De Pinto: Artist & Eccentric, d. Unknown (1965)
St Adolf II, d. Lionel Miskin (1971)
Towers, d. Brodnax Moore & Annette Kuhn (1977)
Being and Doing, d. Ken McMullen (1985)
Writers' and Artists Commune, d. Unknown (1970)
A Beautiful Way To Live, d. Harry Aldous (1971)
I Know What I Like: Artists, d. David St David Smith (1983)
Kinetics, d. Lutz Becker (1972)
Not So Much A Facelift...d. Philip Harland (1976)
Cruising, d. William Friedkin (1980)
A History of Violence, d. David Cronenberg (2005)
Suicide Circle, d. Sion Sono (2001)
The Happiness of the Katakuris, d. Takashi Miike (2001)
Embrace of the Serpent, d. Ciro Guerra (2015)
Scarface, d. Brian De Palma (1983)
The Fog, d. John Carpenter (1980)
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, d. Tommy Lee Wallace (1982)
The Fury, d. Brian De Palma (1979)
Cat's Eye, d. Lewis Teague (1985)
Silver Bullet, d. Dan Attias (1985)
Donovan's Brain, d. Felix Feist (1953)
Invisible Invaders, d. Edward L. Cahn (1959)
Hands of the Ripper, d. Peter Sasdy (1971)
Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde, d,. Roy Ward Baker (1971)
The Ghoul, d. Freddie Francis (1975)
High Rise, d. Ben Wheatley (2015)
Darkman, d. Sam Raimi (1990)
Darkman II: The Return of Durant, d. Bradford May (1995)
Flesh for Frankenstein, d. Paul Morrissey (1973)

Star Trek Beyond, d. Justin Lin (2016)