Saturday, 16 May 2015


THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, d. Walon Green (1979)

A well-meaning semi-documentary, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ provides a successful and often startling mix of time lapse photography, travelogue and montage to support the concept of plants as living, thinking, feeling entities, and to help us understand their pain and consternation at being treated like rubbish. Ironically, a mild criticism would be that there are just too many people in the film, although the presence of Stevie Wonder (responsible for the somewhat hit and miss soundtrack) is very welcome.

The lovely closing scenes, in which Stevie wanders barefoot (and without his dark glasses) around a number of attractive botanical landscapes, ending up in an enormous field of sunflowers, remind you that it’s a transcendently beautiful world, and we should really stop trying to kill it, right now.

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