Thursday, 25 June 2015


LA PAPESSE, d. Mario Mercier (1975)

A beautifully composed film full of vibrant colour and some genuine looking arcane ritual, 'A Woman Possessed' (UK title) is about a man who wants to join a hippy witch cult so much that he ends up sacrificing his wife to achieve his goal. The poor woman is kidnapped, tortured, raped, made to eat cream cakes and pig swill and drink urine, gets shut up in a cave with some sex-mad elementals and then goes mad and has her throat torn out by a black labrador. 

It may sound awful but it's actually nowhere near as cruel and explicit as that synopsis might suggest. In context, it works, with the great psychedelic music and surreal look and feel of the production being the blood red icing on the black magic cake.   

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