Monday, 11 January 2016


The release of David Bowie’s latest album brought out the experts, the people who haven’t been making the world a better place for 45 years, but have strong opinions on someone who most definitely has. Bowie should retire, they said, or should have left the music business after 1980, or, indeed, not even recorded any music at all. Some hailed the album as a masterpiece, as if their approval made all the difference, as if them liking it was the reason he made it. Typically, Bowie has outmaneuvered them all, and died – without consultation, without approval, without warning, on his own terms, in his own way. It’s so typically Bowie it's almost funny, but instead it feels like the sun has gone out. There hasn’t been a day in my life that hasn’t had some David Bowie in it, and my life has been enriched because of it and because of him. I love you, David. Thank you.

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