Friday, 1 July 2016


From Sadisterotica

01.06.2016 - 30.06.2016

Werewolf Woman, d. Rino Di Silvestro (1976)
Daughter of Dracula, d. Jesus Franco (1972)
The Perverse Countess, d. Jesus Franco (1974)
Vampyres, d. Jose Ramon Larraz (1974)
Shriek of the Mutilated, d. Michael Findlay (1974)
In The Shadow of Bigfoot, d. C. Thomas Biscardi (1977)
New Towns For Old, d. John Eldridge (1942)
Death Is A Number, d. Robert Henryson (1951)
Hands of Destiny, d. Anthony Young (1954)
The Black Scorpion, d. Edward Ludwig (1957)
The Flower in his Mouth, d. Luigi Zampa (1974)
The Left Hand of the Law, d. Giuseppe Rosati (1974)
Street Law, d. Enzo G. Castellari (1974)
The Anniversary, d. Roy Ward Baker (1968)
Village School, d. John Eldridge (1940)
When The Pie Was Opened, d. Len Lye (1941)
Listen to Britain, d. Humphrey Jennings & Stewart McAllister (1942)
A City Reborn, d. John Eldridge (1945)
What is a Group?, d. Ian F. Svenonius (2016)
Valhalla Rising, d. Nicolas Winding Refn (2009)
The Man with the Iron Fists, d. RZA (2012)
Santo and the Treasure of Dracula, d. Rene Cardona (1969)
Santo in Black Gold, d. Federico Curiel (1977)
Living at Thamesmead, d. Charmian and Jack Saward (1974)
The Salvage Gang, d. John Krish (1958)
Amelia & The Angel, d. Ken Russell (1959)
The Trial of Charles Peace, d. Norman Lee (1949)
The Liquidator, d. Jack Cardiff (1965)
Dark of the Sun, d. Jack Cardiff (1968)
The Warriors, d. Walter Hill (1979)
Escape From New York, d. John Carpenter (1981)
Wonder Women, d. Robert Vincent O'Neill  (1973)
Blood of the Vampire, d. Henry Cass (1958)
Blood Mania, d. Robert Vincent O'Neill (1971)
Fantastic Four, d. Josh Trank (2015)
The Night Visitor, d. Laszlo Benedek (1971)
The Serpents Egg, d. Ingmar Bergman (1977)
Went The Day Well?, d. Cavalcanti (1942)
The Heart of the Matter, d. George More O'Ferrall (1953)
Deadpool, d. Tim Miller (2016)
X Men Apocalypse, d. Bryan Singer (2016)
Straight Outta Compton, d. F. Gary Gray (2015)
The Thing, d. John Carpenter (1982)
Beat Girl, d. Edmond T. Greville (1960)
Gorgo, d. Eugene Lourie (1961)
Girl on Approval, d. Charles Frend (1961)
Dark Intruder, d. Harvey Hart (1965)
Incubus, d. Leslie Stevens (1965)

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