Thursday, 1 September 2016


From Crimes of Passion 

01.08.16 - 31.08.16

The Spy's Wife, d. Gerry O'Hara (1971)
The Last Chapter, d. David Tringham (1974)
N.Y, N.Y, d. Francis Thompson (1957)
The Forgotten Faces, d. Peter Watkins (1961)
Night Unto Night, d. Don Siegel (1949)
Storm Warning, d. Stuart Heisler (1951)
Red Nightmare, d. George Waggner (1962)
Almost Human, d. Umberto Lenzi (1974)
Fight For Your Life, d. Robert A. Endelson (1977)
Salem's Lot, d. Tobe Hooper (1979)
The Dead Zone, d. David Cronenberg (1983)
Firestarter, d. Mark L. Lester (1984)
The Philadelphia Experiment, d. Stewart Raffill (1984)
Good Hair, d. Jeff Stilson (2009)
After Dark, d. Mike Dodds (1979)
Animal Crackers, d. John Pullen (1984)
Alfred Wallis, Artist and Mariner, d. Christopher Mason (1973)
Thirst, d. Rod Hardy (1979)
The Survivor, d. David Hemmings (1981)
Fear City, d. Abel Ferrara (1984)
Jaws of Satan, d. Bob Claver (1981)
Rage, d. George C. Scott (1972)
The Crazies, d. George A. Romero (1973)
Martin, d. George A. Romero (1977)
The Exorcist, d. William Friedkin (1973)
Who Saw Her Die? d. Aldo Lado (1972)
The Spook Who Sat By The Door, d. Ivan Dixon (1973)
Why Man Creates, d. Saul Bass (1968)
Ten Years In An Open Necked Shirt, d. Nick May (1984)
You're Human Like The Rest Of Them, d. B.S Johnson (1967)
Paradigm, d. B.S Johnson (1969)
The Most Dangerous Game, d. Irving Pichel (1933)
Love From A Stranger, d. Rowland V. Lee (1937) 
Altered States, d. Ken Russell (1980)
Crimes of Passion, d. Ken Russell (1984)
The Lair of the White Worm, d. Ken Russell (1988)
Shadow of Illusion, d. Mario Caiano (1970)
Eyeball, d. Umberto Lenzi (1975) 
Mondo Mod, d. Peter Perry, Jr (1967) 
Sweden: Heaven and Hell, d. Luigi Scattini (1968)

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