Tuesday, 1 November 2016


From Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

01.10.16 - 31.10.16

Doomwatch, d. Peter Sasdy (1972)
Madhouse, d. Jim Clark (1974)
Psychomania, d. Don Sharp (1973)
Satan's Slave, d. Norman J. Warren (1976)
Terror, d. Norman J. Warren (1978)
Vault of Horror, d. Roy Ward Baker (1972)
The Uncanny, d. Denis Heroux (1977)
Rabid, d. David Cronenberg (1977)
The Brood, d. David Cronenberg (1979)
Friday the 13th, d. Sean S. Cunningham (1980)
Class of 1984, d. Mark L. Lester (1982)
My Scientology Movie, d. John Dower (2016)
Shooting Bigfoot, d. Morgan Matthews (2016)
The Evil of Frankenstein, d. Freddie Francis (1964)
Dracula, Prince of Darkness, d. Terence Fisher (1965)
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, d. Terence Fisher (1960)
House of Whipcord, d. Pete Walker (1974)
Frightmare, d. Pete Walker (1974)
House of Mortal Sin, d. Pete Walker (1976)
The Lobster, d. Yorgis Lanthimos
Curse of the Werewolf, d. Terence Fisher (1961)
The Witches, d. Cyril Frankel (1966)
Hypernormalisation, d. Adam Curtis (2016)
Island of Terror, d. Terence Fisher (1966)
Run Silent, Run Deep, d. Robert Wise (1958)
Prehistoric Women, d. Michael Carreras (1967)
Creatures The World Forgot, d. Don Chaffey (1971)
The Killer Is On The Phone, d. Alberto De Martino (1972)
The Killer Must Kill Again, d. Luigi Cozzi (1975)
Little Clumps of Hair, d. Jim Hosking (2003)
Renegades, d. Jim Hosking (2010)
The Greasy Strangler, d. Jim Hosking (2016)
Anthropoid, d. Sean Ellis (2016)
The Finest Hours, d. Sean Gillespie (2016)
Cabaret, d. Bob Fosse (1972)
Harlequin, d. Simon Wincer (1980)
The Mummy's Revenge, d. Carlos Aured (1975)
Exorcism, d. Juan Bosch (1975)
Frankenstein Created Woman, d. Terence Fisher (1967)
Trog, d. Freddie Francis (1970)
The Man Who Haunted Himself, d. Basil Dearden (1970)
Lights Out, d. David F. Sandberg (2016)
The Abominable Dr. Phibes, d. Robert Fuest (1971)
Dr. Phibes Rises Again, d. Robert Fuest (1972)
Taste the Blood of Dracula, d. Peter Sasdy (1970)
John Clare: I Am, d. David Jones (1970)
Penda's Fen, d. Allan Clarke (1974)
Lock Your Door, d.Anthony Gilkinson (1949)
Cross-Roads, d. John Fitchen (1955)
Dr. Strange, d. Scott Derrickson (2016)
The Devil Rides Out, d. Terence Fisher (1968)
Darling, Do You Love Me? d. Martin Sharp, Bob Whitaker
Unknown, d. Sheffield University Union of Students (1972)
Going To Meet Becky, d. Jon Coley (1980)
Transcending Mirror Boundaries, d. Jon Coley (1981)
Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell, d. Terence Fisher (1974)

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