Monday, 2 November 2015


DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE, d. William Crain (1976)

So hastily put together that they didn’t ever bother to think up a proper pun for the title (surely 'Doctor Blackyll’ would have sufficed?), this shocker stars Bernie Casey, a charismatic and powerful presence from a number of films of this era, including the amazing 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. It all goes pretty much as you would expect, but much, much slower. 

Its main pleasure is the five minutes of plot (an altruistic Doctor* tries to cure cirrhosis of the liver but instead concocts a serum that turns him into an albino psychopath with super strength), and the finale in which the Doctors brutish icing sugar dusted alter ego is shot comprehensively to death by the authorities as he tries to climb one of the Watts Towers: mad black science meets ghetto folk art.

* He works at the 'Watts Free Clinic and Thrift Shop'.

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