Friday, 13 November 2015


TOMB OF DRACULA, d. Akinori Nagaoka / Minoru Okazaki (1980)

A weird, wordy hybrid of Marvel and Manga, here Dracula is a rather pathetic, mustachioed, rat faced creature who has been reluctantly living the vampire life since Satan bestowed it upon him 400 years ago. Over the course of ninety minutes he kills about a dozen people, gets married, has a son, loses his powers, eats a cheese burger and goes back to Transylvania to look up an old flame, all the while being pursued by cross bow wielding kung fu vampire hunters and the wrathful agents of God himself, including Dracula's dead son.   

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  1. Remember buying / reading some of the comics as a kid in the 70's and not having a clue what had happened to old Drac, I'll try and track this down.

    Cheers for posting.