Friday, 23 December 2016


The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, d. John Huston (1972)

Huston's scuzzy revisionist western fantasy has a lot going for it (until the disappointing third act, that is) but the stand out is an off the chain Stacy Keach as Bad Bob - 'The original Bad Bob. The mean one. The albino one' - a black clad force of evil who rides into town, shoots off a man's toes, kills a horse and demands it cooked ('How do you want your horse?' 'BLUE') then drinks a pot of coffee straight from the fire. He has come to kill the less than venerable Judge and says 'It is my intention to rid the ground of your shadow, and take my pleasure upon this town'. Before he can make good on his threat, however, he is dispatched from behind by a high velocity rifle. Ow.

Keach is only in it for four minutes, but he uses every second. Best cameo ever.

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