Saturday, 17 December 2016


BLACK SAMURAI, d. Al Adamson (1977)

Al Adamson wasn't a very good film maker, but he was prolific and consistent. Black Samurai is a work of almost unlimited imagination, completely unhampered by constraints of budget and aptitude. In it, secret service bad ass Jim Kelly uses a jet pack to fly to a mysterious island where a black magic cult are holding his beautiful Chinese girlfriend against her will. He fights snakes, midgets and one inch punches a vulture to death. It's an excellent way to spend ninety minutes, and no-one was safe from me in the house afterwards, so intent was I on kung fu-ing everything in my path.

Incidentally, why don't more adults act out scenes from films after seeing them? It seems a suppression of a natural urge. First time I saw Zulu, my brother and I took all the cushions off the sofa and used them to recreate the redoubt at Rourkes Drift; Christmas showings of Bond films were immediately followed by lengthy re-enactments of the best bits, sometimes using toy cars, often just mime. If this blog has one message, let it be this: if it stimulates your imagination, exercise your right to act it out, age be damned.  

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