Thursday, 15 June 2017


d. Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (1975)

Wolfguy is great. Based on a Manga, it stars the amazing Sonny Chiba as Wolf, a roving reporter and troubleshooter who is also the only survivor of a clan of wolf people. The details of this are a little confusing as, unlike a common or garden werewolf, he doesn't transform into something hairy and vicious every full moon but instead becomes endowed with super strength and kung fu abilities, as well as the most un-lupin-like ability to leap thirty feet in the air and be shot with a machine gun over and over. 

None of this matters, of course, especially as he is investigating a series of bloody murders committed by a victim of gang rape who is so angry at being infected with syphilis that she is able to project her rage into the form of an avenging tiger. Naturally, a shadowy government department is interested in both of these unusual people, wanting either their compliance or their blood, hoping to use it to create a cohort of unstoppable super assassins.  

Bloody, kinky, full of fighting, jumping and running around, Wolfguy also has a groovy soundtrack. Seriously, what's not to like? 

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