Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Meet Dr. Gori, an ape scientist  kicked off his own planet for being a power crazed maniac. This mad monkey is fond of expansive gestures and symbolic hand shapes, and his rubber face barely moves (his lips never do). He reminds me a little of the late Brian Jones. Looking for somewhere to conquer, he chances upon Earth and decides to use its own pollution against it, creating all manner of toxic waste monsters, garbage goblins and, I kid you not, a Titanic Monster Dustman. Who will stop him and his simian henchmen? Spectreman, that's who, a super-advanced flying cyborg sent from beyond the stars.

Continuing the the early 70s Japanese 'we're destroying the planet and it's freaking us out, but not enough to stop destroying the planet' theme from the last post, this episode is called 'Save The Beautiful Earth'. The screenshots are terrible, but then they are taken from an ex-rental VHS tape I plucked out of a wire discount bin about 25 years ago. 

The Spectreman show ran to 32 episodes, many of which are available in their entirety on the web. I'm not recommending you watch them, by the way, just saying that they are there.

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