Monday, 27 July 2015


I hate Pink Panther films, but I love Pink Panther cartoons. 

The cartoons are inconsistent, and some feature The Panther as a mere bit player in a seemingly pre-drawn scenario, or as a schmuck at the mercy of outside agencies. The true Pink Panther character is, however, a ruthless, selfish, pitiless maniac, an unemployed, unattached creature that walks the earth being a nuisance, sashaying unbidden into peoples lives and fucking them up.  

Take The Pink Phink, the award winning first ever Pink Panther cartoon (it won an Oscar for the best animated short of 1964). The Panther is mooching around smoking when he comes across a big nosed workman (usually known as 'the Little Man'') who is painting a house blue. The Panther decides he wants it pink. Positively pink. What follows is a six minute duel between the two characters and the two colour schemes. 

In the end, the Little Man man has a nervous breakdown as the house, the garden, the sky, even the sun, all turn pink. As a final display of his uncanny, monstrous power, the Pink Panther paints the Little Man pink, too. 


I'd love my own line of cereal. Shouldn't think it will happen now, unless this blog suddenly gains 4,999,973 more readers a day.

FACT: In Spain, The Pink Panther is known as La Pantera Rosa, which is worth forming a heavy metal band for just to pinch the name.


  1. Love the Pink Panther cartoon as well, seem to remember it being on every morning of the summer holidays as a kid(along with Why Don't You?, The Perishers and Chsmpion the Wonder Horse), and I also loved the Inspector Clueso sections and even the Aardvark(which I think came later). Goes without saying the end credits theme and car are super shit cool.

  2. Also, the Hollow Men had a single in 1991 called 'Pantera Rosa' that came out on Pink Vinyl - very good tune as well...