Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Pink Outs is prime Pink Panther. It consists of twelve vignettes, some only a few seconds long, which are a mix of slapstick and the startlingly surreal. Because of its fragmentary nature, it was later cut up into linking sequences for 'The Pink Panther Show', you know, the one with the live action titles featuring lots of crazy animals, the pink car driven by a kid and an absolutely immortal theme tune.

FACT: In Germany, the character is known as Paulchen Panther (Little Paul the Panther), which completely misses the point: he's pink, for fuck's sake, he's a PINK panther, a rinky dink panther!  

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  1. I had a holiday to Spain where we got a coach from Barcelona to Valencia, it was my first holiday in a long time and happiness levels reach their apex when on the coach the televisions started playing Pink Panther episodes. There was a great bit where the Pink Panther eats some camera flash bulbs and his stomach later convulses with electrical flashes (with a nice x-ray effect) Well, my happiness was short-lived; when I arrived in Valencia I had a pretty bad bout of food poisoning. with my head down the toilet bowl in a fit of delirium I was sure that the problems with my stomach were due to me eating lightbulbs. The Pink Panther and I had become one.