Monday, 1 February 2016


From Herzog's Heart Of Glass.

01.01.16 - 31.01.16

The Antkeeper, d. Rolf Fosberg (1966)
Ark, d. Rolf Fosberg (1970) 
Mystics In Bali, d. H. Tjut Djali (1981) 
Fata Morgana, d. Werner Herzog (1971)
Women's Prison Massacre, d. Gilbert Roussel (1983)
Gymkata, d. Robert Clouse (1985)
Unholy Rollers, d. Vernon Zimmerman (1972)
Gator Bait, d. Beverly Sebastion (1974)
Vigilante Force, d. George Armitage (1976)
The Creation of The Humanoids, d. Wesley Barry (1962)
The St Valentine's Day Massacre, d. Roger Corman (1967) 
Night Of The Creeps, d. Fred Dekker (1983)
Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype, d. Charles B. Griffith (1980)
Heart Of Glass, d. Werner Herzog (1976)
Lessons Of Darkness, d. Werner Herzog (1992) 
Simon Of The Desert, d. Luis Bunuel (1965) 
Battle Wizard, d. Pao Hsueh-li (1977)
Buddha's Palm, d. Taylor Wong (1982)
Fast Company, d. David Cronenberg (1979)
Journey To The Edge Of The Universe, The Moody Institute (1996)
The Late Great Planet Earth, d. Robert Amram (1979)
Streets Of Fire, d. Walter Hill (1984)
Incident At Loch Ness, d. Zak Penn (2004) 
Made In USA, d. Jean-Luc Godard (1966)
Germany Year 90 Nine Zero, d. Jean-Luc Godard (1991)
Stray Cat Rock: Beat '71, d. Toshiya Fujita (1971)
Switchblade Sisters, d. Jack Hill (1975)
A Dandy In Aspic, d. Anthony Mann (1968)
Deadlier Than The Male, d. Ralph Thomas (1967) 
Sheba, Baby, d. William Girdler (1975)
Friday Foster, d. Arthur Marks (1975)
Les Idoles, d. Marc'o (1968) 
Antenna, d. Adriaan Ditvoorst (1969)
Necropolis, d. Franco Brocani (1970)
Sweet Movie, d. Dusan Makavejev (1974)
Wandering Ginza Butterfly, d. Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (1972)
Wandering Ginza Butterfly 2: She-Cat Gambler, d. Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (1972)
Supergirl, d. Rudolf Thorne (1971)
Until The End Of The World, d. Wim Wenders (1991)
Data For Decision, d. David Millar (1967)
Le Chant Du Styrene, d. Alain Resnais (1958)
Paris N'existe Pas, d. Robert Benayoun (1968)
Slogan, d. Pierre Grimlat (1969)
Cannabis, d. Pierre Koralnik (1970)
Quest, d. Saul and Elaine Bass (1984)
Black Angel, d. Roger Christian (1980)
The Mighty Peking Man, d. Ho Meng-shua (1977)
Slow West, d. John Maclean (2015)
The Hateful Eight, d. Quentin Tarantino (2015)
The Revenant, d. Alejandro G. Inarritu (2015)
Gentlemen Broncos, d. Jared Hess (2009)
Don Verdean, d. Jared Hess (2015)
Kaliman and the Sinister World of Humanon, d. Alberto Mariscal (1974)

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