Monday, 22 February 2016


In addition to watching a lot of films, I buy as much music as I can. I don’t have any specific criteria, I just like the good stuff. Here’s a mix of good stuff I have bought in the last few months. It has no particular theme, and is mainly old music that has recently been reissued, with a few new tracks thrown in just to show I’ve still got it. It gets quite exotic in the middle, which is excellent. All of this music is commercially available elsewhere, so please buy it if you like it. Here’s the track listing:

001 Black Hippies: Doing it in The Street
002 Nico Gomez and his Afro Percussions Inc: Caballo Negro
003 Donnell Pitman: Love Explosion
004 Sumy: Where Were You Last Night (Sexy Lady)
005 Forest Terry: Satellite Love
006 Willie West: I’m Still A Man (Lord Have Mercy)
007 Abu Sultan: Your Love Made My Head Hurt
008 Maurica Louca: Al-Asr Adh-Dhabi
009 Michael Stasis Band: Brown Cow
010 Arthur Russell: Lucky Cloud
011 Trevor Dandy: Is There Any Love?
012 Ami Shavit: Alpha 1
013 Carol: Breakdown
014 Owiny Sigoma Band: I Made You / You Made Me

It’s all stuck together so, for the best results, put it on when you have just under 63 minutes to kill. Go HERE to listen or download.

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